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Attendance Issues

We aim for 100% attendance.

If your child is off ill please inform the School as soon as possible.

All absence from school should be explained in a letter from the parents. This should be given to the class teacher on the child's return to school, as all absences are carefully monitored. Attendance and absence data is regularly communicated to the Missing Education and Child Employment Service (MECE).

If your child is fit enough to attend school but unfit to take part in any or some Physical Education lessons, please send a letter of explanation or a medical certificate.

We encourage full and regular participation in PE even if, on occasions, this will be in a modified form - possibly officiating or making written notes.

Please view the following links:

Essex Code of Conduct

Winter Illnesses  

Learning Hours Lost

Holidays during term time

Forms are available from the school office for those families requesting time off for a family holiday during term time. However, please note that these requests will not be authorised in line with the new legislation, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Each application will be treated on an individual basis. Parents/Carers should check that students are not involved in SATS.

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