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School Council

The school council members are elected by children in their class using a voting system from each year group in classes 2, 3 and 4.  

They meet regularly to discuss various issues, which children and staff have suggested, or a project requiring pupils input. An example of this was the purchasing of playground equipment and storage financed by our Friends of Association. 

Members September 2017

(Year 6)  Paolo Wallis

(Year 6)  Charlotte McKenna

(Year 5)  Mia Milne

(Year 5)  Lucas Howard-Lock

(Year 4)  Jamie Adams

(Year 4)  Rebecca Salmon

(Year 3)  Daniel Cardew

(Year 3)  Martha Scatola

(Year 2)  Harry Dagnall-Hood

(Year 2)  Harriet Fletcher

(Year 2)  Violet Nancarrow-Copper

(Year 2)  Thomas Priest

(Year 1)  Farris Cavalier

(Year 1)  Oakley Cavalier

(Year 1) Milo McSherry

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