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Spirituality Outdoors

Sometimes the world is very busy and noisy. Sometimes it is good for us to be quiet and still. Sometimes it is good to stop what we are doing and just look and listen around us.

  • Reflect on, consider and celebrate the wonders and mysteries of the world around them
  • Experience moments of stillness and reflection
  • A sense of awe and wonder
  • Care for nature and living things
  • To encourage children to listen, watch and absorb
  • Look Hear Smell Touch
Easter Gardens

In School                                                                                    In Ardleigh

Groups of children have taken part in many projects around our school and one project in the community. A group of children from class three were challenged by our Deanery School Advisor to create an Easter garden in the village. After building two Easter Gardens, class three has the responsibility to maintain the gardens, one in school and one by the crossroads in Ardleigh.

Other groups across the school over the years have designed, made and maintained our Peace Garden. The garden has Christian symbols as part of the design which helps the children to reflect and have times of quiet.

Follow this link to see other projects around the School

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